Midlife Marriage Coaching

If you’re considering private sessions with us, you’re either a midlifer or in a relationship with a midlifer. Whether you’re experiencing a midlife crisis or you love someone in a midlife crisis, we are here to help.

If you’re in a relationship with a midlifer, an outside perspective is often key to saving your relationship. We’ve helped thousands of people save their marriages, create trust after an affair, separate gracefully, and even divorce with kindness.

If you’re a midlifer you may find guidance helpful as you navigate the crisis into a time of transformation. We’ve helped thousands of midlifers discover a more graceful pathway forward.

Midlife Crisis Relationship Life Coaches

Saving Our Midlife Marriage

I recently came back from a retreat with both Casey & Julie. I attended the retreat with my husband. The experience was invaluable and we will hold the teachings with us forever. This personal retreat came at a time in my life where I needed it most. Casey & Julie are wonderful listeners, provide teachings catered to a person’s specific needs (including chronic physical pain) while gently remaining in tune with the emotional needs of the participant. I found that not only has the retreat helped strengthen us as a couple, but it also strengthened me as an individual. Their retreat has allowed me to explore my spirituality and allow for great personal growth. I would recommend a retreat with Casey & Julie to anyone who needs guidance when at a fork in the road, for help at any point in life.

Monica Midlife Marriage Retreat

We love when individuals and couples are proactive and contact us as soon as possible. Maybe one of you is entering midlife, and this is the ideal situation to gain insights and help early!

However, most people who contact us have just found out their spouse is having an affair, their partner has suddenly left or changed their behavior in a significant way. If you’re facing a relationship challenge we can help you right away. You’re not alone!

We’ll provide you with guidance specific to your situation. Every relationship is unique.  However, after working with thousands of people in midlife, we’ve found there are patterns. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls!

Growing Beyond Midlife Crisis & Improving Your Relationships

If you need help understanding your partner’s midlife changes, you can start here with this 30-minute introduction to midlife crisis video.