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This 90-minute video class will introduce you to meditation. We will go over the practical aspects of setting up your practice.

Casey will teach you how to use the Dragon Fire Meditation technique. He will also start you off by learning the morning meditation practice. Dragon fire will serve you for a lifetime as you continue to expand and explore other meditation practices. Morning Meditation will give you a framework to incorporate additional meditation techniques into your life.

What is Meditation?

Here is the simple and complete definition of meditation.

Meditation is a practice of awareness.

Yes, meditation is quite simple. However, thousands of meditation practices exist. Some practices are simple, and some can take many years to master.

What varies from technique to technique, practice to practice, is:

  1. How do you open or expand your awareness?
  2. What are you using your awareness for?

Many meditation techniques change how the mind thinks or the state of mind to fine-tune and deepen awareness. Awareness is also a process of connection. How you use awareness to connect to the world around you is a personal choice.

Discover meditation can be many things, all depending on how you use your awareness.

1-year access to the class and recordings. The video includes teachings and experiential exercises. Go at your pace. Re-watch the videos! Repeat the exercises and guide meditations over time.