Midlife Crisis & Relationship Coaching


Julie and Casey help you work through midlife crisis and midlife relationship challenges.

As life coaches, they’ve been helping mid-lifers and their spouses for over 16 years! They’ve worked with thousands of people in relationships and can help you navigate any challenge with grace.

If you’re experiencing relationship problems, Casey will use his customized process to help you re-balance your relationship. Together, they help save marriagesresolve midlife affairs, and encourage nonjudgemental growth.

Midlife can be an amazing time. Reach out to Julie & Casey for help.

They are here to support and guide you more gracefully!

Midlife Crisis Relationship Life Coaches

Casey & Julie Your Midlife Relationship Life Coaches

After working with Casey, I have accomplished so much, that I could never have imagined. During my wife’s mid-life crisis, I was desperate, full of fear, weak, and alone. Little by little, through his life coaching and relationship teachings, he inspired me for a different way of looking at things. Now I can see the truth there within his sayings. Being patient, getting stronger, being kind to everyone around you, including yourself, has made the nightmare I lived, a unique, graceful experience, that has changed my life. I thank him from my heart and hope that this way of thinking may help other people too, to face the challenges of our lives.

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Here is some simple advice.

  • Focus on making this time to be about transformation! A crisis will break everything around you. Transformation focuses your change into growth.
  • Midlife is more flexible than people realize; how you approach this moment of life shapes the experience!
  • If you are a partner of someone in a midlife crisis, use this moment to change and improve your relationship! One secret of relationship work is that sometimes personal work is the first step in relationship work. If your partner needs some more space during the midlife process, use that space to improve your personal situation!
  • Ironically what most people are taught to do in their earlier years of relationship causes problems that break apart a relationship in midlife. Traditional marriage counseling can make midlife situations worse. Guides like Julie and Casey are essential in avoiding the common mistakes and misperceptions around midlife. You do have to change things up in your relationship during midlife!

Common Midlife Crisis Questions

Is Midlife Crisis Real?

Yes, it is a very natural process. You can call it adolescence for adults.

The problem with a midlife crisis is not everyone experiences the change at the same time nor in the same way. People within a midlife change are just trying to improve their life.

The big problem is one person’s improvements are often another person’s problems.

Be aware: if you tell a person they are in a midlife crisis, they will think you are judging them and their choices of life improvement.

Being nonjudgement is crucial for helping people transform in midlife.

What is Midlife Change?

Midlife is a natural point of life where a person needs to change. All the signs of a person in a midlife crisis are about change! When that change disrupts the order in a person’s life, we call that a midlife crisis.

Human beings are very adaptable, and our instincts are wired to encourage that change around 40 years old.

Please note: dismissing a partner’s midlife crisis or pretending it isn’t real will only break your relationship faster.

When Does Midlife Crisis Happen?

Midlife change happens between the ages of 37 and over. The more independent a person is, the more likely they will have a midlife experience at a younger age.

Does Everyone Go through a Midlife Crisis?

No. While everyone goes through midlife, not everyone experiences a midlife crisis. In our years of working with a midlife crisis, we can safely say on average, only about 20 percent of adults will experience a classic midlife crisis.

Why is Midlife Crisis So Extreme?

Midlife crisis stirs up many of our experiences from when we were younger in life. As a result, some people in midlife crisis are revisiting older traumas and problems.

It isn’t easy to heal trauma and the process can spin around as a result. During the beginning stages of midlife, people usually focus on personal improvements and avoid facing problems.

If you are a partner in midlife, you have to be careful how you help your partner. Never push a person to face their past before they are ready! You don’t want to get associated with a person’s past trauma.

Frequently midlife work includes helping a person through these past experiences. Teachers like Julie and I are essential in this process as we don’t get associated with the past in the same way you would when helping your partner.

Watch Our Midlife Crisis Video

A couple of months ago I was at the beginning of dealing with my husband’s midlife crisis so I searched for both understanding and a life coach. I found many online groups and books. None fit what I was looking for because I don’t have negative feelings for this man going through an important transformation in his life and that is exactly what I kept running into on my search until I found Casey’s videos. Even through that first initial contact, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Casey began to work with me and my husband immediately to understand what he was going through and to help get me to relax. I felt like my world had collapsed and my husband feels like he has been abducted by an alien.

I immediately scheduled my retreat with Casey and Julie. I spent 5 wonderful, enlightening, calming, and learning days in a perfect setting with two incredibly kind and generous people and their fun daughter Mina. I felt protected, understood and most of all I didn’t feel alone. Even though I know this will be a long process of discovery for both my husband and myself. I have been given tools to help me deal with each day as they come.